P90 Sculpt C Review

P90 Sculpt C

P90 Sculpt C Overview

P90 Sculpt C clocks in at 42 minutes, this is the longest workout in the P90 series with 21 moves after the warmup. The pace is good, not too fast or slow, and a nice selection of moves to target the entire body.

P90 Sculpt C Advice

Have your bands already attached to your door frame and ready to go, same if you are using dumbbells, while there is a short break explaining the moves before they begin, you don’t want to be fumbling for the remote to pause it while you are setting up.

P90 Sculpt C Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Tape
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Band and Door Attachment
  • Powerstands (Optional)
  • Mat

P90 Sculpt C Pros

A nice workout that targets a lot of your body

P90 Sculpt C Cons

A con for me is when I don’t push myself in this workout, it’s easy to pick a lighter weight or a band that isn’t tough enough, and with that I can easily get through the workout, I need to mentally kick it up to really get a lot out of the workout.

P90 Sculpt C Moves


Jog – Jog in place

Jumping Jacks – Use the H on the floor for these to bring your feet move from the outside squares to the inside square.

Overhead Reach Squats – Feet hip width, ankles under hips, squat down with hand over your head, as you come up bring your hands down.

Back Lunge Twist – Lunge back with the right foot while twisting to the left, come back forward and lunge and twist with the opposite side.

Arm Circles – Egoscue Grip forward, then back.

Warmup over

Punch Push-ups – Plank position, perform a pushup, at the top of the pushup, punch forward with one fist. Perform another pushup and punch forward with the other fist.

Hero Row – Resistance band on door attachment, hold onto both handles with one hand, step back with the same side foot into a staggared stance. Pull the elbow toward you and twist into the side of the band.

Hop Squat – Feet shoulder width apart, feet in a wide turned out position, hands in prayer position, lower into a squat with hands touching the floor, followed by a hop forward with your hands to prayer and back to the floor. Hop back and repeat.

Arch Presses – Holding a dumbbell or resistance bands, stand in a staggard stance. Extend the arms overhead moving from one shoulder over the head, to the other shoulder, making an arch in the air.

Preacher Curls – Holding dumbbells or resistance bands, kneel on one knee with the other foot out in front flat on the floor, and that knee at 90 degrees. Lean forward resting the ribcage on the thigh, extend the arms, palm up, and bend the elbows to bring the weight up toward the shoulder, curl the weight back down and repeat.

F16 Hammer Kickbacks – Holding dumbbells or resistance bands, step into a deep lunge, lean torso forward, row the elbows behind and slightly away from the torso, extend the arms behind you, bend the elbow to 90 degress and repeat.

Sweeping Crescent Lunge – Deep lunge with hands extended overhead, bend the torso forward and move the arms in a forward circle until they extend behind you, extend them in a reverse forward cicle until they are back over your head.

Water Break

4-Point Pushup – Pushup position, perform a pushup, rotate 90 degrees clockwise, and perform another pushup, continue moving 90 degrees after each pushup.

Press Backs – Holding resistance bands, on both knees, extend straight arms in front and press them down toward your side

Lateral Squat Jumps Feet shoulder width apart, starting in the lower right corner of the ‘H’, squat down and using your left hand touch your right foot. Jump up and into the lower left corner of the ‘H’ and touch your right hand to your left foot. Repeat

Balance Arch Presses – Holding a dumbbell or resistance bands, stand on one foot with the other leg in front with the knee bent. Extend the arms overhead moving from one shoulder over the head, to the other shoulder, making an arch in the air.

Supine Curls – Laying on your back, feet facing the door, holding resistance bands, extend arms up, bend both elbows to bring your hands toward your head, then extend the arms back into the air.

Back Stabbers – Using dumbbells or resistance bands, on the floor if using dumbbels or standing in a staggard stance if using resistance bands, have your elbows pointing away from your torso with your hands at your head. Extend your hands to straighten your arms pointing away from your torso, bring the hands back to the head. Cross your arms across your body as you extend the arms.

Warrior 3 Lunges – Step back into a deep lunge with arms overhead, shift your weight onto your front foot while lifting your back leg into the air with your torso leaning forward and arms extended in front of you.

Water Break

Bird Dog Crunch Push-up – Pushup position, perform a pushup, after you’ve come up, extend the left arm forward, and lift the right leg off the ground, bring your left elbow and right knee together, extend both and back to plank. Perform another pushup and extend the right arm forward, with the left leg off the ground, bring the right elbow and left knee together. Repeat

Balance Row – Holding resistance bands with a door attachment, stand on one leg, extend your arms forward and slightly above your shoulders, bring your hands back toward your chest, alternate wrists up and down, as well as legs.

The Rockette – Balance on the right leg with left leg slightly off the ground. Take your left hand and touch your right foot while keeping your left off the ground. Stand back up extend your left arm above your head while bringing you left knee up toward your waist and extend your left leg straight in front of your body.

Diving Dolphins – In low plank, with forearms on the ground, lift your glutes in the air while bring your head toward your toes.

Eccentric Combo Curl – Holding dumbbells or resistance bands, standing in a staggard stance. Turn the palms up and curl the weight up to your shoulders, slowly bring the weight back to the starting position. Turn your palms toward your torso and perform the same movements.

Eccentric Triceps Extension – Holding resistance bands or dumbbells, in a lunge position. Row your elbows behind and keep them lifted, extend the arms behind the torso, keep elbows at your side and bring the weight back to the starting position and repeat.

Warrior 2, 1/2 Moon – Feet 3-4 feet apart. Front foot toes pointing forward, with arms extended front and back. Reach the front arm to the floor while bringing the back leg off the ground, reaching the back arm up toward the ceiling. Step back into a lunge and repeat

Cooldown and Stretch