P90X3 Eccentric Lower

P90X3 Eccentric Lower Reviewed

P90X3 Eccentric Lower Overview

Before P90X3 I thought a good leg workout required a gym and weights.  10 minutes into the P90X3 Eccentric Lower routine my legs are screaming for me to stop, and the first few times I had to come out of the moves just to give my legs a break. 13 moves, but the first half is done twice for both legs. It’s tough, but fun.

“When the joint angle increases, the muscle elongates, which is called the eccentric motion, and by focusing on the eccentric motion, what we call negative training, this allows for up to 50% more force on the muscle. 50% more force means more muscles, more muscle means more better.”
– Tony Horton

P90X3 Eccentric Lower Advice

Focus hard on keeping your body in line during these moves, if you have good form you will really get a lot out of it.

P90X3 Eccentric Lower Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes
  • Worksheet
  • Dumbbells or Resistance bands

P90X3 Eccentric Lower Pros

I love the slow movements in this workout, I really feel like I can concentrate on the move better, and I am shaking by the end.

P90X3 Eccentric Lower Cons

Some of the moves are just not quality for P90X3, the one I don’t understand is the last one, Calf Dog, it just does not do anything for me. Maybe try a standing calf raise with weights to get a better calf workout.

P90X3 Eccentric Lower Moves


Jog – Jog in place

Jumping Jacks – Normal jacks

Twist and Pivot – Stepping inside the tape and outside of it, while you twist your torso. Keep your head forward.

Leg Swing – Balance on one leg while you keep the other leg straight and swing it in front of your body back and forth, then after 15 seconds go front to back. You can also use a chair for this.

Double Knee Pulls – It’s two pulls, pull knee, and pull knee again. Alternate knees.

Pigeon Pulls – Alternate pulling the ankle toward your chest, pull pull

Quad Pulls – Bring your foot behind and pull twice on your ankle toward your glutes, alternate sides.

Water Break (30 seconds)


Squat – Normal squat, feet shoulder width, holding dumbbells or bands. Slowly lower into a squat, with up tempo to the top.

Lunge – Holding weights or bands, slowing go into a lunge, quickly come up. 10 times on each side.

Sumo – Holding the weight between your legs, feet out wide, lower into a squat, quickly rise.

Weighted Pistol – On one leg, holding a weight, other leg is straight and out in front. Lower yourself slowly and quickly come up.

Side Kick – Grab a chair, on one leg, no weight, other leg extended, bring knee toward body slowly and extend to straighten leg.

Front Kick – Holding a weight on the thigh of an extended leg, balancing on the other, bring the foot that’s in the air back toward the body, bending the knee, keeping the thigh parallel to the ground.

Albanian Squat – Grab a chair, placing your back leg on the chair as you are facing away from the chair in a squat position. Holding a weight lower yourself toward the ground into a deeper lunge with your front quad parallel to the ground.

Adductor Lunge – Standing position holding a weight, step to the right into a side lunge, lower yourself slowly for a 3 count then push the leg so you come up onto your left leg with your right leg extended out and off the ground.

Cross Reach – Holding a dumbbell in your left hand, balancing on your right foot and your left knee up at waist level, bring your left knee back while you reach your left hand toward the floor. Come back to starting position slowly.

TT Plus – On the floor in side plank, either with a straight arm if you are modifying or on your forearm. Other arm straight into the air. The move is with your leg that is on top to extend and separate from the other leg.

Bridge Kicks – On your back on the floor, one leg flat on the floor, knee bent, weight on your hips as you extend your leg and core into the air for a 3 count. Switch sides.

Hip Flexor Splits – Seated position, hands on the floor right behind your hips, feet off the ground extended in front, separate the legs wide and bring them back together.

Calf Dog – Downward dog position, bring one foot and cross behind the other as you extend the calf by pointing the toes of the foot on the floor.

Cooldown and Stretch