P90X3 MMX Overview

This P90X3 MMX routine is all about Mixed Martial Arts and is the only MMA focused routine in P90X3, it involved a cast that looks like they’ve done this before, and will leave you gasping for air. It involves a lot of combo moves that revolve around fighting, so for those passive people you might not like it. If you are like me and have a lot of pent up rage looking for a way out, you’ll love this workout!

First time I did this routine it was 4:30am and I likely did not have a full nights sleep. I was a zombie, and very lost with all the moves. The next time I pre-watched the moves and did the workout when I was more awake. Totally different experience

“MMX is a mixed martial arts routine to the extreme. Get ready to kick, punch, sprawl, elbow, and knee your opponant into total submission. And guess what you are fighting, that goo that’s covering your abs. So go kicks its butt.”

P90X3 MMX Advice

Watch it first unless you are an MMX expert or used to performing quick combination movements with a short instruction. I was lost the first time through.

P90X3 MMX Equipment

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Towel
  • Court Shoes

P90X3 MMX Pros

Fun and a lot of cardio. I was kicking butt for the entire time through. Great stress relief as well.

P90X3 MMX Cons

For me it was near impossible the first time through, granted after a few attempts I was getting the hang of it, but I was frustrated and didn’t have the best of workouts.

P90X3 MMX Moves

The actual moves are full of complex combinations that are difficult to describe and best seen in the video. I recommend watching the video once before attempting the workout.


Jog – Jog in place

Jumping Jacks – Normal jacks

Twist and Pivot – Stepping inside the tape and outside of it, while you twist your torso. Keep your head forward.

Arm Circles – Egoscue Grip forward, then back.

Double Knee Pulls – It’s two pulls, pull knee, and pull knee again. Alternate knees.

Pigeon – Alternate pulling the ankle toward your chest, pull pull

Quad Pulls – Bring your foot behind and pull twice on your ankle toward your glutes, alternate sides.

Hip Circles – Bring your knee around in a circle in and out by bringing you knees up.

Leg Swings – Swing your leg side to side, then front to back.

End warmup.

High Low Jab / Cross

Hook / Uppercut / Front Knee

Triple Jab / Cross / Back Knee

Hook Elbow / Down Elbow

Jab / Over the Top Elbow / Crescent Kick

Superman Punch / 4-Punch Scramble / Sprawl

Lead Uppercut / Hook Elbow / Snap Kick

Sprawl / Power Knees / Hook and Upper Elbow

Upper Back Elbow / Hook Elbow / Back Kick

Jab / Cross / Sprawl / Hook / Uppercut / Sprawl

Push Kick / Snap Kick

Hook / Uppercut / Hook / Uppercut / Sprawl

Front Leg Check / Front Snap Kick / Superman Punch

Jab / Cross / Sprawl / Scramble

Jab / Cross / Hook Elbow / Over the Top Elbow

Gladiator / Sprawl / Jab / Cross / Hook / Uppercut

Cooldown and Stretch