P90X3 Pilates X Overview

Flexibility is key for me to prevent injury, and my wife has loved pilates for many years so I looked forward to this P90X3 Pilates X workout when I saw it as part of P90X3. The first time I tried it I was so caught up with the breathing I had a really hard and frustrating time getting through it. I felt like I was hyperventilating, and that took away from the workout. Since then I’ve tried it again with less focus on the breathing and more focus on the moves, that helped. I’m still not a true pilates breather, but I do like this workout.

“Joseph Pilates was a guy who made focusing on core fitness the cornerstone of all fitness. You may have never had heard of this guy, but you’re going to love what pilates does to you abs, your back, and your endurance. And you know what dudes, you might think this is only for the ladies, but guess what, you’re going to be crying like a little baby when I’m done.”
– Tony Horton

P90X3 Pilates X Advice

If you’ve never done pilates before, don’t worry too much about the breathing. True pilates will also feature holding a kegel while breathing but it’s not mentioned in this. The workout will kick your core no matter the breathing, but if you want to get the most out of it, I feel the breathing is key. You will still get a great workout regardless.

P90X3 Pilates X Equipment

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Mat

P90X3 Pilates X Pros

Nice selection of core moves, my core gets a beating.

P90X3 Pilates X Cons

Hard to just start out without prior pilates experience. I feel if I had a pilates trainer then I would get more out of it. Which sums up my wife’s experience with it, she loves it.

P90X3 Pilates X Moves

Hundreds – On your back, curl your chin up and extend you legs outward and at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Extend arms towards hips and pump them towards the floor while breathing.

Single Leg Stretch – On your back, pull your knees into your chest and curl you chin up. Reach your right hand to the left knee and your left hand to the left ankle. Extend the other leg out at a 45-degree angle. Pull on your leg twice then switch.

Double Leg Stretch – Like the Single Leg Stretch, except instead of pulling your knees to your chest, you do this with both legs straight.

Peter’s Bridge – On your back, have your legs straight. Extend your legs towards the floor being sure to keep your lower back down. Only lower your legs until you feel your lower back move. Lift legs and repeat.

Teaser – Start on your back with legs straight up to the ceiling. Extend arms overhead and legs down to 45-degrees as you begin to lift into Boat. Lower and repeat.

V Rocker – In Plow, grab both ankles and rock forward to balance on your tailbone. Rock back and forth, repeating.

Bridge Lifts – On your back with knees bent, press your hips to the ceiling and extend on leg up. Lower the straight leg down and back up lifting the hips. Repeat.

Scissor Ball – Seated on your tailbone, hold the outside of your ankles and rock to your shoulders. Next, rock forward to balance on your tailbone again bringing on leg straight upward and the other straight and hovering off the floor. Curl back into a ball and rock back extending the legs in opposite directions.

Bicycle – Start seated with knees bent and wide elbows behind the head. Extend one leg out at 45-degrees, keeping the other bent. Turn your elbows towards the bent knees. Switch legs and rotate your elbows so you are always having your elbow go towards the bent knee.

Hip Circles – Lying on your back, extend on leg straight up. Circle that leg out, around, and up. Switch directions after five reps. Then switch sides and do the other side five times in each direction.

Floating Cobra – On your stomach with core engaged, lift your chest and shoulders off the ground without using your hands. Hold and then lower. Repeat.

The Swimmer / The Flutter / The Bad Attitude – On your stomach, extend your arms overhead in front of you. Kick your legs and alternate your arms for The Swimmer. For The Flutter, bring your arms behind you and try tapping them together over your body. Have your legs crisscross above and below each other. For The Bad Attitude, bend both knees and bring your heels together behind your glutes. Place you head on the floor and push the heels towards the ceiling.

Saw – On your back with legs wide, curl up off the gloor and reach straight forward. Come into a seated position and reach your arm to the opposite foot, then lower back to the floor. On the next time up, switch sides so you’re reaching the other arm to the other foot.

Alphabet Soup – Lying on your back with your hands flat underneath you, lower your legs to 45-degrees. Spell the alphabet in the air.

Scissor Side Plank – On your side with your forearm on the ground in a low t-stand, lift your top leg and kick it forward and then sweep it back.

Sphinx Flag – In forearm plank, lift one foot behind you. Pulse it twice in the air and then bring it out to the side, tap the floor twice. Repeat switching sides each time.

Clam Killer – In side arm plank, bring your top foot to your knee, rotate up and back, and then bring it back to your ankle. Kick that leg up to the ceiling and repeat. Do the move on both sides, doing one side completely and then the other.

T’s T – In side plank, lift your top foot to the ceiling and then tap the floor in front of you. Bring the leg back up and tap the floor behind.
Scissor Roller: One your back with legs and arms extended, curl your torso off the ground and reach your hands past your toes. Next, lift your torso and your right straight leg. Release both down to starting position.

The Pretzel – Seated, with your right foot crossed over your left and your weight on your left hand, lift your right leg up and around until it bend behind you. Pulse and then return to crossed position. On the last rep, pulse for double the time to the back, side, and front. Do this on both sides, completing on and then the other.

Cooldown and Stretch