Pullup Bars – The Best Options For Home Workout Routines


Best Pull-up Bars

What are the best pullup bars for home workouts?  The answer to this will somewhat depend on the doors in your house as well as if you want to make them permanent.  In my house I tried to find one that would fit our doors, but since our doorways are so thick (old house) none would fit, so I ended up finding one I could attach to the rafters in my basement.  Which actually worked out as it’s always there, and I love the convenience.

That being said if you measure your doors and they fit within the specs, the best pullup bar to get is going to be the ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar (Amazon link). Not only is it the highest rating on Amazon it also offers the most options for a pullup bar. Many pullup bars will only let you perform a single grip pullup, while the ProSource has options for pullups and chinups, as well as multiple grip options. This is key as you will want to vary your workouts, and especially if you start doing P90X or P90X3 Tony will have you doing many different positions on the bar.

The Best Pull-up Bar – ProSource

ProSource Home Pullup Bar
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    12 grips and various handles, this means that not only can you do a pullup, but you have sever grip types to target different muscles

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    Upper Body and Abs

    With this bar you can easily perform pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, dips, and leg raises

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    Easy to Setup

    Easy to put together, and to use you just place over door frame.

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Why Buy a Pull-up Bar?

As a background, The reason I spent so much time researching pull-up bars is that I was doing P90X3 at the time and got tired of the resistance bands, they just weren’t pushing me as I knew pull-ups would. In fact for all of Tony Horton’s workout routines, from P90X3 to the latest 22 Minute Hard Corps, there is some need for a pull-up bar. And this makes sense as having additional ways to workout your shoulders, lats, biceps and triceps is key to not only gaining muscle but losing weight as well. Sure you can always buy resistance bands, and we did too before buying a pull-up bar, but it’s never going to be exactly the same thing as pulling up your body weight.


Having a pull-up bar in my basement has actually made me happier, and I’m not making this up, but when I walk by the bar as it’s on the way to our backdoor, which leads to the yard, where I let out our Golden, I always do a few reps. Now I don’t go all out, but when I walk by I think “why not?” and get a few reps in. It’s the convenience that helps me workout, and having it when the workouts like P90X3 call for using it, makes my workouts that much better. I feel it more with pull-ups than I do with the bands, and it’s obviously because the bands are max 25 pounds (with what I have) and my pull-up is pulling 190 pounds. Do the Math.

Home Pull-up Bar Options

So what options are there for pull-up bars for home workouts?  As I mentioned above most for sale, and the top rated ones, are those that slip over the top of your door frame, so that two ends are on one side, with another end on the opposite site.  They stay in place via pressure, which does increase when you are using them, but with the soft grips most will not leave any marks, and they end up being really stable.  Others can attach to rafters like I have, and as long as your basement has a high enough ceiling it will work.  The one draw back for mine is that the clearance above the bar is not a whole lot, so I have hit my head a few times during the first few reps when my ego gets the best of me.

Iron Gym – Best Basic Pull-up Bar

Iron Gym - Best Basic Pullup Bar
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    Solid Build Quality

    It can easily hold my weight (190#) without any movement.

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    Less Grips But That's Ok

    If you just want a few grips, this one is for you. I usually just do pullups and chinups, so 90% of the time this would be fine for me

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    Other uses

    Can be used on the floor for pushups or tricep extensions

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